All About Instadebit

Instadebit is a "middle man" that provides a safe and secure way for players to deposit and withdraw at online casinos in Canada.

Instadebit: The Basics

Instadebit works with the banks in Canada, similar to PayPal. Users can withdraw and deposit to their bank account using Instadebit at either no cost or low cost to the user - the online casinos pay any fees involved. The instadebit casino platform offers you great deals. The promotions are really special that players have to see the site. In fact, players can expect to be greeted with many deals on the main page. The site also provides some really fun entertainment ideas.

Why Trust Instadebit

Users should feel safe leaving money in their Instadebit accounts to use as their own separate gambling fund. Deposits to casinos are instantly paid by Instadebit, and it only takes 1 to 2 days to be withdrawn from their bank account. If there is a balance in your Instadebit account, deposits to casinos will be taken from your Instadebit balance. Instadebit charges $1 per deposit to a casino, but only if there isn't a balance in your Instadebit account. Want to withdraw money from your Instadebit account to your bank account? Simply log into your Instadebit account and request a withdrawal. It will take a couple of days for it to show up in your bank account.

Instadebit Balances

One of Instadebit's biggest advantages is that it works with multiple currencies. Since it has the ability to work with different currencies, Instadebit separates the currencies in your balance. This means if you have a CAD balance, and you would like to deposit USD, the money will be taken from your USD currency balance first, or your bank account if you do not have any USD in your account. #/p#p Instadebit is an easy-to-use and convenient third-party payment processor in Canada. Users should feel safe and secure to deposit or withdraw money using Instadebit, making their online casino experience even better.