Picking Keno Numbers

As with the lottery, different players have different means for picking their lucky numbers to play. With over 80 possible options and almost countless different combinations across tickets and games, determining which numbers to play and wager money on can sometimes be difficult. Yet, there are several practices many seasoned keno players swear by.

Significant Numbers

Everyone has some numbers that mean something to them. These numbers can be birthdates of loved ones, anniversaries of special occasions, or simply numbers that have always translated well to gambling wins. Whatever the significance, it remains true that the most popular means of picking numbers to play in keno is to pick significant numbers for the player. With available digits up to 80, players have a very wide range from which they can draw.

Auto Select

Another incredibly popular method for the player on the go, is the auto select. This option is available for players in both land-based casinos and playing online. The player simply informs the teller or machine that they want to engage the auto select option, and the machine randomly chooses the numbers the player will play on that ticket. This can be a very strategic move because the same technique the machine uses to choose the official keno numbers is the method used in auto select. This can also be the quickest method for players online who want to play multiple games in a short period of time.

Players can use almost any method for choosing keno numbers. They can flip coins to decide between numbers, play the exact same numbers for years on end, or simply let someone do the choosing for them. When it comes down to it, each set of numbers is as valid as the next.